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Top brands and their strategies on Snapchat

According to social media network,

More than 60% of Millennial and Gen Y smartphone users are Snap chatters.”

And many brands are taking advantage of this to churn out benefits for the efforts invested to market their brand on Snapchat. Snapchat, now is not only a photo messaging app but has also opened gates of success for marketers who want to promote their brand and products online.

Following are some of Top brands who have already put their hands in it and are reaping hundreds of thousand dollars from the marketing campaign on Snapchat:


McDonald’s is one of the big brands who joined Snapchat at early stages. It ran teasers, promotions and finally joined the race. McDonalds captured the attention of its audiences by providing them access to see behind the scene snaps. Moreover, McDonald’s is the first brand to use geofilters and promote itself.   

Amazon: made most from the time limit factor of Snapchat. It demonstrated new arrivals, most viewed, gift recommendations and exclusive deals through snaps. These offers lasts for fraction of seconds but a click on product puts the product directly into the shopping cart.  

General electric’s:

General Electrics used Snapchat to showcase their geeky personality and to encourage the interest of people in science in the fun filled manner. They used this platform by performing Q & A sessions. In this people from GE used to answer the questions asked in a funny and knowledgeable way.

Taco Bell:

Taco Bell launched its Spicy Chicken Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos as one of the first Snapchat stories. It was a 6 minutes mini movie which have elements like scene on the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards, and was filmed and posted in less than 24 hours. Efforts are still going to serve better video to the audiences.

Mondelez/Sour Patch Kids:

The brand enlisted Vine star Logan Paul and candy dummies for posting a story over Snapchat that depicts "first it's sour/then it's sweet" device into a usual manner. Marketing director of Mondelez consider this as the best way of connecting brand with people one –to – one.

National Basketball Association:

NBA ran stories over Snapchat that includes exclusive behind – the scene clips of the events. It worked because people get attracted towards the clips coming from the sports zone and lay stress on watching each and every snap coming from the same.

Above mentioned brands used Snapchat for marketing their brands through various features of Snapchat and earned lots of benefits through it.