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Tips for marketing on Snapchat

In 2011, when Snapchat was introduced to the people, it was just a photo messaging app which was preferred mostly by the young demographics. But now the scene has changed itself and Snapchat is seen in top social media marketing platforms.

Snapchat is already receiving lots of attention from large companies and organizations. It has become the platform for engaging targeted audiences in a fun filled manner.

If you are looking for a new and creative way to connect with your audience and promote your brand then try marketing with Snapchat. With features like story replies, on-demand geofilters and lenses marketing a brand has become hassle free task that has capability to engage audiences.

But before trying your hand, check out these effective tips that would help you develop a successful Snapchat marketing campaign.

Share original content:

Consumers love to receive access to genuine information regarding any topic of their interest. Provide your audience with effective and genuine content. Share organic and native content that couldn’t be found anywhere, with your Snapchat audiences.

Provide sneak peek of new products:

If you are planning to launch new products than give a sneak peek about your product by running a teaser ad on Snapchat this will help in creating buzz before the product hits the shelf.

Send promo codes/ giveaways/ discount coupons:

Its human nature to love getting free gifts and giveaways. Offer promo codes, discount coupons, giveaways and if you hold any competition or event than offer free entry to few of your audience.

Be relatable:

While marketing on social media, it’s important that you understand what your audience is looking for and then craft your campaign accordingly. Understand and promote according to the trend popular amongst your target audience. 

Create a storyline:

Grabbing attention of your audiences can become easy to task if you present your brand in a story. Stories over Snapchat lasts for 24 hours as opposed to traditional snaps that lasts for 10 seconds. Users can combine snaps to develop a story.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Make it a fun:

Don’t make content of your campaign complex and boring as people hanging out on Snapchat is looking for fun there and providing them with complex and boring content will create an adverse effect on your marketing campaign. Do provide your

Increase user engagement:

Increase user engagement with your brand by story replies, geo filters, lenses and other features. Stories on Snapchat are the most important and effective way of engaging targeted audiences with your brand.

After your promotion activity, measure your efforts via snapchat metrics to know that your efforts are not getting drained off.