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Market your products to millennials with Snapchat

Market your products to millennials with Snapchat

“Marketers are spending 500% more to reach millennials than the all of the other generations combined and guess what generation makes up more than 70% of Snapchat users.”

From the above statistics it can be said that Millennials account for 7 out of 10 Snapchatters. Snapchat has become most popular app amongst millennials and it can become a perfect add-on to your marketing strategies if you want to target millennials.

Millennials are the most loyal customers when it comes to their favorite brand or retail store. More than half of the millennials make their purchases from their preferred retail store without getting affected by “CLOSED” board. They opt for other marketing alternatives like mobile app, websites, etc. of the retailer to purchase the goods.

Millennials express themselves through brands. They go for the brand that reflects their personality and therefore wants brand to have personality that they can relate to. Here are few tips which will help you to reach millennials through Snapchat and market your products:

Give a sneak peek about your upcoming products:

If you are going to launch new product or have certain scheduled upcoming products than providing a sneak peek about them acts as a teaser ad of product which attracts and bound audiences. Millennials usually get attracted to the teaser ads and sneak peeks which are funny as well as reflecting solution to their needs and liking. Every post or sneak you share on Snapchat gives millennials time to think about your product and creating “gotta have it” mentality.

Humanize your brand:

Humanizing your brand is always brings benefits for the brands. You can add human touch by showing off your team, behind the scene, broadcasting clips from life events. It helps in building stronger connections with your target audience and encourage more sales for your brands. 

Exclusive coupons:

Lavish your audience with free giveaways like coupons, gifts, free entry passes to event. People especially millennials loves free giveaways. Provide millennials with free coupon code, discount coupons, free entry passes to your promotional events or to your store, etc. and tell them to share sneak peeks with their friends and followers to earn above mentioned benefits. You can also hold contest to increase number of followers to your brand account.

Fun tidbits:

Post some fun filled content like sequence of images or some fun video clipping from your events. This type of content not only promotes the brand but also helps in increasing follower engagement with brand.

Millennials are more likely to share their experience with others through various social media platforms and hence help in increasing reach of the brand to other people who can be your followers.