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How to Sell the Dream Through Pictures on Instagram
Part of your aim as an Instagram marketer, is to sell a dream. You want to promote a certain lifestyle and communicate a particular way of life that your audience will find inspiring and that will convince them to follow your channel and hopefully bu...
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How to Find Sponsors on Instagram
For many people, finding a sponsor on Instagram is the ideal way to make a living. Imagine being able to earn money by posting photos of yourself working out, using products you’ve been sent or just looking great in free clothes. In short, you w...
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Do This Every Day to Build a Massive Brand on Instagram and Beyond
Do you sometimes look at the big brands on Instagram and Facebook and feel jealous?Do you wish that you could earn a living doing the things you love and posting about it?Would you love the fame that can come from having a personal brand?Would you lo...
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Instagram Stories
An Introduction to Instagram Stories and Why It’s Big News for Marketers
Instagram Stories can essentially be summed up as Instagram’s attempt to jump on the SnapChat gravy train. These are photos that Instagram account holders can take and share with their users but which will ‘self-destruct’ after one hour, rather than ...
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