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RSS Transmute is your go-to solution for effortlessly copying and customizing RSS feeds from any website across the internet. With the ability to publish updated feeds directly on your site, this tool stands out by automating content updates each time the original feed refreshes, requiring no further action from you. Simply provide the URLs of your desired RSS feeds, and RSS Transmute takes care of the rest, delivering new feeds within seconds.

But the capabilities don't stop there. RSS Transmute allows you to personalize the generated feeds by adding your content, translating, spinning the content for uniqueness, or combining multiple feeds into one. It seamlessly integrates these feeds onto your website, assigning each a unique URL for easy access and use in various applications, from embedding in web pages to inclusion in RSS readers and other services.

With RSS Transmute, manual updates are a thing of the past. Set your update schedule once, and the plugin autonomously ensures your feeds remain fresh and engaging. It intelligently crawls and extracts content from specified feeds, offering extensive customization through text processing options like word replacement, translation, and spinning.

Key Features Include:

  • Link shortening and monetization through the service.
  • Proxy support for anonymous page crawling.
  • Google Translate integration for multi-language feeds.
  • Text Spinner feature for enhanced SEO through content variation.
  • Custom cookie support for accessing restricted content.
  • Advanced publishing controls, including image presence, and title/content length constraints.
  • Customization of feed titles and content with a wide array of shortcodes.
  • A 'Random Sentence Generator Tool' for adding unique sentences.
  • Comprehensive activity logs and scheduled rule execution.
  • Unlimited RSS feed creation with precise control over content based on keyword filters.

RSS Transmute opens up a world of possibilities for website owners looking to enhance their content strategy with dynamic, automatically updated RSS feeds tailored to their specific needs.

You will get a ZIP (724KB) file